Monthly Archives: March 2015

What’s New

2015 has been an incredibly busy year so far, and shows no sign of letting up!  Right now I am working on a new manuscript which I love!  If course, I usually like most of the stories I write (otherwise, I just stop writing them – that has happened more than once), but this one is fun and funny and I have no real idea where it is going.

I’ll provide more updates when I have them, but for now, here are the opening few lines…

Alexa Hill was in trouble. Again. Just moments ago, she had been happily throwing a ball with her friend Jasmine in the backyard, but now the fun was over and a window was broken. And it was her fault. She should never have thrown that curve ball – there was no way Jasmine could have caught it.

It was a pity it hadn’t been the other way around. If Jasmine had thrown the curve ball, Alexa would definitely have got it. She was one of the best pitchers and fielders in her grade, possibly in her town, and nothing could get past her. But that was not what happened. Instead, Alexa had wound up her arm, lifted her front knee and snapped the ball in the direction of Jasmine… and the kitchen window.