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Meet Bootles!

Bootles 3 - America Shorthair

Here are three things that someone might say about Bootles:

  1. He is a short-haired cat with black fur and green eyes.
  2. He does not enjoy the food that Kyle’s mom gives him.
  3. He is a perfectly normal cat.

One of these “facts” is not true.   Any guesses which one? 🙂

Meet Sofia!

Sofia has lived across the street from Kyle for almost five years. She lives with her mom and dad in a bright blue house and is the first human to ever meet a Kranken (even though she doesn’t know what it is).

Smart, funny and adventurous, Sofia is the perfect friend to have around when things get crazy. Of course, nothing has prepared her for traveling with Bootles and Kyle, but on that journey she discovers something very special about herself.

James Chapman

James Chapman is the illustrator and cover designer for Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe.  This is a picture of him from a few weeks ago when be was working late at night on an illustration.  Unfortunately, the drawing that you can see on his desk never made it into the book, but it was a favorite of mine!

James Working

Meet Kyle Evans

Kyle Evans lives in a small, comfortable house in the town of Moorefield. He lives with his mom and pet cat – Bootles – and nothing exciting ever happens to him. This is exactly how Kyle likes it because he does not enjoy surprises.

Unfortunately for Kyle, everything changes when his mom is swallowed by a giant hole that appears in his bedroom. Before the day is over, Kyle learns a number of very alarming lessons, such as the difference between Search Droids and Battle Droids, the meaning of Protocol Zero, and the fact that his cat is not actually a cat.

Kyle Evans and the Key To The Universe… Uncovered

Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe will be available in just one month (and one day!). I can’t wait to share Bootles, Kyle and Sofia with the world, but until then, here’s a sneak peak of the cover (illustrated by the talented James Chapman).