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Everyone gets an Instagram!

The Kyle Evans books and Flicker now have their own Instagram accounts.  You can follow them at:@kyleevansbooks and @officialflickerbook.  As a reminder, you can find me on Instagram at @robhhunt.  See you there!

Welcome to 2017


2017 promises to be an exciting year.  All being well, I will be publishing two books over the next 12 months, one of which will be the final installment in the Kyle Evans trilogy.  I also plan on conducting several school visits throughout the year, so if you are interested in having me visit your class/grade, please let me know.  Finally, I will continue to spread the word about my three published books: Flicker, Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe and Kyle Evans and the Deadly Plague.  All three are extremely well reviewed, and I look forward to sharing them with a wider audience.

I hope that 2017 brings you happiness, peace and a whole lot of fun!

What’s new?

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so here’s a quick update on what’s been going on:

  1. The first draft of the second installment in the Kyle Evans trilogy is about 75% finished. My current plan is for the book to be available either by Christmas 2016, or by spring 2017.
  2. The Alexa Hill Chronicles (Volume 1) is currently being read by my team of advance readers. I’m not sure when this book will be ready for release.
  3. I had a great time presenting to the 6th graders of Middlebrook School last week. Three hundred kids and I wrote a story about a chipmunk stuck on a cruise ship with his grandpa and an 8th-grade bully.
  4. Our pet goldfish survived the annual “full” cleaning of its tank, but it was touch and go.
  5. I have been traveling a lot – most recently to London – and have several more trips coming up to LA, Denver and Chicago. Hopefully I will be able to use these flights to make more progress with Kyle, Bootles and Sofia!
  6. And finally, Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe and Flicker continue to be available at and other retailers, worldwide. Yes, I realize that’s not news, but I have to plug the books every now and then! 🙂

School Visit

For me, one of the best things about being an author is meeting readers and talking with them about books, writing and creativity.  That’s why I am thrilled to be speaking to the 5th grade at Cider Mill school on April 8th.

If you are a teacher or parent and are interested in having me visit your school / class, send me an email and we will see what can be arranged!

Five Star Review For Flicker

Book Cover LuLu

Many thanks to Steph Gorelenore at Cover2Cover Blog for her recent review of Flicker.  She describes it as “Brilliantly mysterious” and says that she “Absolutely adored this read.”

I have always enjoyed reading Steph’s reviews and am delighted that she found Flicker so entertaining.  You can read the entire review right here:

Flicker On Sale!

The Kindle edition of Flicker will be on sale for just 99 cents in the US, starting on February 6th.  If you haven’t read this “Clever story that draws you in from the start and keeps you engaged to the surprising conclusion,” then this is a great opportunity.

Of course, if you would prefer to read the paperback, Flicker can always be purchased from your local bookstore, or any online retailer.

Can you figure out the mystery before it’s too late? 😉