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The Watchful Face is now available!

The Watchful FaceI am delighted to announce that The Watchful Face is now available as a paperback or Kindle book at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and other retailers.  It is a shortish story (too long to be called a short story and too short to be called a novel) about a boy called Luke who has been watched by a silent face for his whole life. Then, one day, the face starts to speak to him.

In the US, you can pick up a copy here: Amazon.com/The-Watchful-Face

In the UK,  you can find it here: Amazon.co.uk/The-Watchful-Face

I hope you enjoy this story that my Advance Readers described as “creepy,” “surprising” and “mysterious.”

Flicker On Sale!

The Kindle edition of Flicker will be on sale for just 99 cents in the US, starting on February 6th.  If you haven’t read this “Clever story that draws you in from the start and keeps you engaged to the surprising conclusion,” then this is a great opportunity.

Of course, if you would prefer to read the paperback, Flicker can always be purchased from your local bookstore, or any online retailer.

Can you figure out the mystery before it’s too late? 😉