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New Review – Kyle Evans and the Deadly Plague


Many thanks to Steph at Cover2Cover for her wonderful review of Kyle Evans and the Deadly Plague.  Here’s a short excerpt:

“Rob Hunt does not disappoint with book two in the Kyle Evans series. The book is simply put  ‘out of this world’ (pun intended) with crazy creatures, action and adventure.  Younger readers will love this series, it is full of space, monsters, battles, and dangerous feats.”

You can find the full review right here.

Kyle Evans

KyleEvan_Front_Small_TitleKyle Evans and the Key to the Universe continues to earn great reviews (like this one from Readers’ Favorite ) and was just named one of the best books of 2016 by AlliesOpinions.

If you, or a child in your life, love fun, exciting adventure stories with wacky characters and excellent illustrations then you can pick up a copy at any bookstore, or right here.  You can also find the sequel (Kyle Evans and the Deadly Plague) at your favorite bookshop and here.

Five star review for Kyle Evans

Many thanks to Tonja Drecker for her lovely review of Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe.  She describes it as an “action packed, alien adventure,” and ideally suited for “adventure fans who love a fantastical, wild ride.”

You can read the full review by clicking here: http://bookwormforkids.blogspot.de/2016/04/review-kyle-evans-and-key-to-universe.html


Five Star Review For Flicker

Book Cover LuLu

Many thanks to Steph Gorelenore at Cover2Cover Blog for her recent review of Flicker.  She describes it as “Brilliantly mysterious” and says that she “Absolutely adored this read.”

I have always enjoyed reading Steph’s reviews and am delighted that she found Flicker so entertaining.  You can read the entire review right here: