“Five Stars.  I absolutely adored this read, it had everything I wanted – it was shorter, easy to follow but at the same time mysterious and challenging. Great book!” Cover2Cover

“I really couldn’t put it down and couldn’t wait to figure out what was happening.” The Nerdy Princess Book Reviews

Book CoverMeet Joel. He’s 13 years old. He loves soccer, frozen yogurt and hanging out with his friends.

His life is pretty typical until the day he wakes up and discovers that nobody knows who he is… not his friends, not his family, nobody.  He thinks he is all alone until he meets Sara – a teenage girl who has also been forgotten by everyone she knows.

Joel and Sara team up to try to understand what is happening to their lives, but things quickly turn from bad to worse. Before long, it becomes clear that time is running out for them both.

Flicker is now available in paperback and Kindle edition around the world, including:








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